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What is this hack all about?

If you are looking for a habbo credit hack, then you have found it. I was once searching for a habbo credit hack, just like you are now. I always managed to find fake applications that would tell me in a matter of a few minutes you will get all the credits in the world. So I went ahead and downloaded them, but little did I know that it was all just a piece of malious code designed to get access to my private files.

So after months of search and not managing to find anything, I decided to develop my very own habbo credit hack. It took me hours and hours of sleepless nights in order to find an algorithm which would not only work but will work efficiently for anyone. I also wanted to make it even easier for people to be able to use my hack, therefore I made it full web-based. Meaning you will not need to download anything that can harm you computer.

Main features of the habbo credit hacker

  • Compatible with all versions of modern browsers
  • Fast performance and makes efficient use of CPU
  • Undetectable by the habbo servers
  • Securely encrypted when handling POST and GET requests
  • Can be run alongside any anitvirus as no malicious code is used
  • Simple, easy and best of all FREE!

Let's get started

To use the credit hack, all you will have to do is enter you Username and Email address you used for habbo. The reason for the email is that it will allow me to mask the connection and provide the habbo servers with extra information in order to stop their safety checks from detecting an intrusion.

After you have enter you details, just type in the number of credits you want and then click on the hack habbo button. This will then use my special algorithm in order to achieve the hack and you will be displayed with a message after it has been completed.